Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gammie & Bompa

Courts parents came to Hawaii to visit in December. We had so much fun having them here and showing them around our island. This was their first time ever in Hawaii so we tried to squeeze in every once of fun we could into their visit. The kids had no idea that they were coming, it was SO fun to surprise them with their grandparents. The kids have missed them so much and there were LOTS of tears from the girls when they saw their grandparents at our doorstep, it was priceless! We did everything from decorating the Christmas Tree, to hiking the Bamboo Forest, to kickin' it at the beach! Court and I even snuck away to Honolulu for a night and a day to do some Christmas Shopping and go to the Laie Temple. It was a quick trip but we sure had a good time going to another island, being alone, eating some great food, attending the BEAUTIFUL Temple, and shopping for our Kieki (kids). It was my first time leaving baby E. overnight, she did great and was in great hands!