Friday, September 30, 2011


I have wanted to change up the color scheme in my house for quite while now. For YEARS we have had dark furniture and lots of black and red. I was SOOOO ready for a change! Now RED happens to be one of my favorite colors for decorating... I love how it is bright, Cheery, and lifts my spirits, so I couldn't get rid of it. But all of the dark has to go!!! I've started to re-do lots of my decor... it's been fun to see what a little spray paint can do and it is much cheaper to buy some spray paint rather then get all new decorations. Here are some picture frames that I re-painted, it was a quick project and I love the new look and colors!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20 Ways to Make a Good Marriage Great

I saw this on another blog today and wanted to share! I think it is such great advise :) I LOVE my husband so much and I am so grateful to be married to my very best friend. Our marriage is far from perfect, but we love each other and that is what matters most. I am so grateful to have married someone who shares my same values. We have been through THICK and THIN together and with the help of our Father in Heaven I am positive we can make it through just about any trial (although I could SERIOUSLY use a brake from trials, we have had our fair share of BIG trials over the last few years)

by Richard W. Linford

1. Night and Morning Prayer … to say thanks, to ask for help in your marriage and family, to worship together.

2. A Weekly Planning Meeting … to discuss the calendar, talk over needs and problems, decide priorities and next steps.

3. A Daily Phone Call or Personal Conversation … to say “I love you,” to touch base, to discuss the day, to show you care.

4. A Weekly Date
… to a favorite park, a concert, the library, the gym; or staying home for a candlelight dinner, a game, or a mutual hobby.

5. Patience Regardless … of missed meals, tardiness, forgotten favors, a thoughtless remark, impatience.

6. Daily Service
… helping with house or yard work, mending a piece of clothing, taking a turn with the sick baby, fixing a favorite meal. (Write it down. Do it!)

7. A Budget … to tie down income and expenses, help set financial goals, and give you control over your finances.

8. Listening
… not only to what is said, but also to what is meant.

9. Regular Attendance
… at church—and where possible—the temple.

10. Daily Scripture Reading … to learn the gospel, to receive inspiration for yourself and your marriage, to become more like Jesus.

11. Working Together
… caring for a garden, painting a bedroom, washing the car, scrubbing floors, building a piece of furniture, writing a poem together, team teaching a class.

12. Forgiving Each Other
… always learning from each other, trying a different way, being the first to make peace.

13. Courtesies
… like saying please and thank you, not interrupting or belittling, not doing all the talking, continuing the niceties of courtship.

14. Soft and Kind Words … of tenderness, compassion, empathy.

15. Learning Together by
… reading to each other, discussing ideas, taking a class.

16. Respecting … opinions, ideas, privacy.

17. Supporting Your Spouse’s … church service and righteous goals.

18. Caring for Your Spouse’s Family by
… enjoying their company, praying for them, serving them, overlooking differences.

19. Occasional Gifts
… such as a note, a needed item—but mostly gifts of time and self.

20. Loving with All Your Heart. “Thou shalt love thy wife [thy husband] with all thy heart, and shalt cleave unto her [him] and none else.” (D&C 42:22.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nine Years Old!

Dear Mac,

I can NOT believe you are nine years old. It seems like just yesterday you were my tiny newborn baby girl. Baby E. is the exact size right now that you were when you were born and now you have grown into this beautiful girl. How can it be possible that you are this old already?

I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was so excited and so nervous to become a mommy! The night before I had you I prayed and prayed to Heavenly Father that you would come SOON. I was 39 weeks pregnant and so ready to have you in my arms. Daddy and I were living in suburb of Chicago, although it was fall it was still so hot and humid during the days. I woke up the day I had you and the bed was wet. Daddy was golfing with friends and I was so embarrassed to call and tell him that I wasn't sure if my water had broke or not. I called grandma Kelly and she said to go to the doctor because she thought it sounded like my water had broken. Dad came home (after he finished the last few holes, not cool!) and we headed to the Doctor. Sure enough they did a quick test and it was amniotic fluid. Then they sent us straight to the Hospital!

As soon as we got the news that you would be coming that day we started calling all of your grandparents and aunts and uncles. Everyone was SOOOO excited for your big arrival, being the first grandchild on both sides is pretty special! Grandma Kelly REALLY wanted to be there when you were born and I REALLY wanted her there (I was so scared for the labor and delivery). Papa Ron called the airlines and tried to book her a flight with a buddy pass they had. I guess Papa was in such a fluster that he wasn't very polite to the airline worker when he was trying to explain what he needed done. After a few arguments with the airline they refused to let him use the ticket that day and put his name on a "watch list", hahaha... so funny because he is normally not like that at all. So Papa Ron called another airline and booked grandma Kelly on the first flight available from Denver to Chicago. Daddy's friend Cade and his wife Leslie picked grandma up at the airport when she arrived. Since they weren't sure if I was close to delivering you yet they were speeding down the highways and streets of Chicago to get grandma there in time. AMAZINGLY she made it to the hospital a few hours before you were born.

For my first baby your delivery was pretty smooth, 10 hours from start to finish and no complications. Even though my water leaked I never ended up going into labor, so they had to brake my water and start my labor with pitocin. You were 7lb. 8oz. (exactly average) and 21 1/2 inches long (you were tall). You were so beautiful and we were instantly IN LOVE with you. My whole pregnancy I wondered and wondered what you would look like. Your dad and I look so different from each other that I was so curious to see what traits you would get from each of us. Throughout my pregnancy I had several dreams about a beautiful, dark haired baby girl. Then when you were born you looked just like the baby in my dreams.

Your birthday is so special not only because we get to celebrate the day you were born and joined our family, but we get to also celebrate the day we became parents. Your daddy and I love you SOOOOO much and are so grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to us. I can not believe you are nine, the time has gone way to fast. I sure hope that time can slow down! You are such a precious, sweet girl and you make our home a better place. You are a darling big sister to your two little sisters and brother. You always watch out for them and you love them so much. I am so proud of the wonderful girl you are becoming. You LOVE school, love to make friends, always have a big smile on your face, and you are so outgoing and friendly!!

Here are NINE things that I LOVE about you...
1) Your love for your family
2) Your testimony of the Gospel
3) Your imagination (you talk about wanting to be an author one day)
4) Your kind heart
5) Your beautiful long brown hair (I always wanted long hair as a little girl)
6) Your relationship with your sister (It is precious to see the friendship you two share)
7) Your excitement for things
8) Your willingness to still hold our hands, give hugs and kisses, and snuggles
9) Your ability to light up a room with your infectious personality

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!!
I love you so much!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Weeks Already?

Dear Baby E,

I can't believe how fast time is going by already. I took you in for your two week check up yesterday, you have already grown an inch and a half (I'm having a hard time believing that one, maybe there measurements were a little off) and you weighed 7lb. 7oz. (still smaller then any of your siblings were at birth)! You are just so precious and perfect. It is such a joy to have a sweet newborn baby in our home. You are so peaceful and make everyone in the family so happy. Your sisters absolutely ADORE you and want to hold you every chance they get. Your big brother adores you too, although his attention span isn't quite as long. He will ask to hold you and then a tell me a minute or two later, "Ok get her off me now".

You have had your daddy wrapped around your little finger since day one! He is so cute and sweet with you. I love being able to see this side of him. He loves you so much and loves to snuggle and hold you. At night when the big kids have gone to bed he and I fight over who gets to hold you! You love to snuggle right into his chest!!

I truly love being your mother and I feel so lucky to get to stay home with you and your siblings. I love that the sound of my voice calms you down instantly and that you love to curl up on my chest and go to sleep. You smell amazing, if I could bottle up the newborn smell and save it, I WOULD!! More then likely you will be our last baby, I thought that I was going to be totally okay with the idea of not having anymore kids, but ever since you arrived the thought of never getting to have a new baby again has made me a bit sad. Knowing that you will probably be our last has made me want to enjoy every second with you even more. I truly have a hard time putting you down, I just want to enjoy cuddling and holding you as long as possible.

So far you have been a pretty good sleeper for a newborn. We have had a few rough nights, but other then those few you are sleeping really well and only getting up once or twice. You are so sweet and such a good baby, I really don't mind getting up with you. I enjoy the quiet time to hold and nurse you. You always eat and go right back to sleep.

Just a few weeks before you were born I was having a really hard day. I had a lot on my mind and I was really grieving over the loss of my brother Jake. I remember walking down the hall and feeling the most peaceful and calm feeling come over me. I could feel your sweet spirit comforting me and telling me that everything would be ok. I am so grateful for that tender experience with you before you were even born. It is such a privilege to be the mother to 4 of Heavenly Fathers choice spirits.

I love you more then words,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She is here!!!

Baby E. 61b. 13oz. 19in.

Our sweet baby girl joined our family just a little over a week ago. She is so precious, perfect, and cuddly. I SERIOUSLY can't get enough of her!! I really can't believe I had such a hard time deciding to have another baby because she is just a little piece of Heaven right in our home. This pregnancy was so challenging for me with being in school full-time (literally 40 hours a week), the death of my baby brother, and then my mystery bug I got in Mexico that ended up lasting about 8 weeks. I have never been more of an emotional wreck in my life. Having this sweet spirit fresh from Heaven in my arms has been so spiritual and healing. During my labor the spirit was so strong... I could feel the presence of my sweet brother Jake and I know that Heavenly Father allowed him to bring her to me. I can't even describe what peace it has brought me to literally FEEL my brother with me just minutes before I gave birth. I completely believe in life after death, I know that our family is eternal and that we will be together FOREVER, death does not change that. It has been very healing to finally cry HAPPY tears for the first time in months. This precious baby is truly a gift!!