Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She is here!!!

Baby E. 61b. 13oz. 19in.

Our sweet baby girl joined our family just a little over a week ago. She is so precious, perfect, and cuddly. I SERIOUSLY can't get enough of her!! I really can't believe I had such a hard time deciding to have another baby because she is just a little piece of Heaven right in our home. This pregnancy was so challenging for me with being in school full-time (literally 40 hours a week), the death of my baby brother, and then my mystery bug I got in Mexico that ended up lasting about 8 weeks. I have never been more of an emotional wreck in my life. Having this sweet spirit fresh from Heaven in my arms has been so spiritual and healing. During my labor the spirit was so strong... I could feel the presence of my sweet brother Jake and I know that Heavenly Father allowed him to bring her to me. I can't even describe what peace it has brought me to literally FEEL my brother with me just minutes before I gave birth. I completely believe in life after death, I know that our family is eternal and that we will be together FOREVER, death does not change that. It has been very healing to finally cry HAPPY tears for the first time in months. This precious baby is truly a gift!!


Jaymie and Justin said...

She is a beauty! Congratulations on your new sweet little spirit!

thepainterfamily said...

Congratulations!! She is just beautiful and I am so happy to hear about what a wonderful experience her birth was. So touching.

Love you Britt!