Friday, September 5, 2008

Date Night Ideas Anyone???

Well, I am still hoping to get some great stories from all of you out there to post on here, but until then, does anyone have any fun date night ideas? My handsome hubby and I are SERIOUSLY struggling in the 'FUN' date night category. His idea of a great date is ALWAYS, dinner & a movie. BORING- I want to go out and do something FUN, where we can spend time with each other and actually talk. So he always asks me, 'well what do you want to do then'? Problem is, I don't know what to go do. Got any good ideas?


The Andersens said...

hi. this is Grace Andersen's mommy- Alysia. I think that is really neat that you have started this awesome blog for people to share in inspirational stories. I would be honored if you shared a link for little Grace's blog. She truly is a miracle, and I would love if that miracle could be shared among as many people as are willing to hear it. :)
Thank you for keeping posted on us! We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that come our way. :)
Love the Andersens

Tiff said...

Well Tyler and I are low on cash so we like cheap dates. Last night we went up the canyon and had a little picnic. We love to go on hikes or walks. Mini golf is always fun, or arcades. Game night with other couples. Yeah we sound boring huh!

One creative date Tyler and I went on: I had $20 to spend. We picked a starting point and I could only get 1 food item at that place. Once we passed the place I couldn't go back. So we started at a local Ice Cream Parlor and then went on from there. It was so much fun and amazing how full 2 people could be with only $20! I got my favorites at each place!

Brittany said...

Thank you for letting me post your story of your precious daughter!!

Brittany said...

Love the date ideas, how fun, you are so creative!! Can't wait to try them out:)

Chanelle said...

Go out for dessert, great way to talk. Get out in the outdoors or stay in a read a book together. If one is musical you can sing around the piano, play guitar and etc. Find someone to serve, make a card and leave some cookies anonymously. Just some ideas.