Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swingset Before Photo...

I have been wanting a swingset for the kids for awhile now. They REALLY need something to entertian them in the backyard :). We have looked all over town... costco, walmart, etc... We really didn't want to spend a ton since we KNOW we will be moving to a different house in the next year or two. We were seriously considering the Lifetime swingset and found it at costco for $450. WELL... just last week the brakes started to go out our van. Took the car in and found out that we also needed new front tires and needed some repair to our struts (whatever those are). $700 later the van is all fixed, but there went my swingset money! DANG CAR REPAIRS!!!

So I began searching the classifides and found an old heavy duty swing set for 10 BUCKS!!! Court and I went over to the peoples house to check it out, the swing set was sturdy but needed to be re-painted and needed new swings. We decided to go for it. Just getting the thing taken down ended up being quiet the project! Thanks to my strong hubby and some DW40 we were able to get 3 of the legs off, the 4th would NOT come off the frame. SOOOO Court decided to put all of the seats down in the van, put the frame of the swingset inside the car and have the 4th leg stick out the passenger window (straigt up). Now this swing set is NOT SMALL, it is at least 10 feet tall!!! I was kind of freaking out, I thought forsure he was going to get a ticket or that the giant metal leg would come untied and smash the front of our car. Well he took all of the back roads home, thankfully it was only a 10 min drive, and we got the swingset to our house safe and sound!

So far the kids LOVE it! We went to home depot to get new swings, chains, paint, etc... All together the swingset cost us $130, not to shabby for how sturdy it is :). Hopefully we can get this project done asap and then I can post some after pictures!

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thepainterfamily said...

i love it!

that is such a great story...and I can't wait to see the afters!