Monday, March 26, 2012

6 months

Dear Baby Girl,
I got behind on my journaling/blogging and haven't had the chance to write you your six month letter yet. The months since you were born seem to be slipping by so quickly and I just want to freeze time and keep you my precious baby girl for awhile longer.
You are such a sweet, precious baby and I am so grateful to be your mom. I can't imagine what it will be like to not have anymore babies. I am sad that this chapter of my life is going by so quickly. Knowing that your my last has helped me to savor every moment with you. I love that you are still so tiny, it's kept you my little baby longer. At your six month check up you were 12 pounds and in the 3rd perecentile.
After visiting the Doctor and seeing how small you were we started feeding you more foods. At first you weren't sure what to think, but you are starting to do so well eating. You love greek yogurt which is great because it's full of protien and you need it little missy.
Your sisters and brother still adore you to the ends of the earth. They are all so sweet and tender with you and it is so fun for me to watch as a mom. Your brother is especially obsessed with you, he loves to get right in your face and talk baby talk to you. He also has lots of little randm nick names for you which are so cute. Your sisters think you are their little doll and tote you around wherever and whenever they can. I love that they love you so much.
You are trying so hard to sit up but your not quite there yet. You love to roll around on the floor and everything you find goes straight into your mouth. You love toys or anything you can turn into a toy.
You are a mamas girl and I love it, although it makes your daddy a bit sad when you want me over him. You have been saying, "mama" for the last few weeks and your sweet little voice is music to my ears! I just can't get enough of you!!!
Your having a hard time sleeping during the day and still not sleeping through the night. We're hoping for our sake and yours that this changes soon. You are such a tiny little thing and you really need your sleep.
Your beautiful black hair and dark eyes are still getting you lots of attention. I get stoped everywhere so that people can peak in your car seat and take a look at you. You are such a smily baby and love the attention!
I love you so much my beautiful baby. You are truly a gift straight from Heaven. You bring so much love and peace into our home.

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