Monday, April 4, 2011

I love General Conference!

(LDS conference center)

This past weekend was great getting to listen to General Conference. (Our Church has a World Wide General Conference twice a year in April and October where our Church leaders speak to us on various religious topics.) I always LOVE general conference and especially LOVE reading the talks the following month in the Ensign.

Saturday I took the day off of school (first Saturday off since January, WAHOOO). Courts mom made cinnamon muffins for breakfast (a yummy family recipe) and we watched conference. The kids watched a little bit but mostly played, it was beautiful outside and they even wore shorts for the first time this year. In between the 1st and 2nd session I cut Court and his dad's hair (I guess it wasn't an official day off). Normally Court goes with his dad and brother to The General Priesthood meeting, but since we needed to get the kids home and feed he just went to our stake center instead.

Sunday we woke up to AT LEAST 3 or 4 inches of snow. CRAZY considering the day before was so beautiful outside. We stayed home to watch conference. It was so nice to not have to get everyone ready for Church and just enjoy a day at home. Our house was pretty messy from a VERY crazy week. We didn't do any deep cleaning but we did HAVE to do some tidying up (it was just to cluttered for me to handle, I like things TIDY)! My brother Ryan came over and after conference we all had dinner together. We had roast, potato's, carrots, and corn bread. It was YUMMY!

I really loved President Monson's talk on Temples. Sadly with our busy schedules we have been slackers at going to the Temple lately. His talk made me just crave going to the Temple. I miss being there and I miss the spirit that I feel there. I know we HAVE to find a way to fit it in at least once a month. We are so lucky to live just 5minutes from a Temple. I need to stop taking that for granted!!

It was a great conference weekend and I look forward to re-watching some of it and reading the talks!

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