Saturday, March 9, 2013


Courts old boss Royce came to town and treated us to a snorkel cruise. It was a total blast! It was our first time out in a boat and it was really neat to see the island from a completely different perspective. We got a sitter for baby E and I am so glad we did, she would have been miserable and we would not have had as much fun with the bigger kids if we were chasing a toddler around the boat.

J-man wasn't the biggest fan of snorkeling but that is ok because truth be told I don't love snorkeling. I love to see all the cool fish but my claustrophobia and those snorkel masks do not mix well together. J and I had fun staying close to the boat, going off the slide, and doing a little snorkeling here and there. The girls, Court, and Royce had a blast swimming all over to see the fish. I took a turn swimming with the girls for awhile and Lex and I saw a giant sea turtle. You can be fined $1,000 for touching sea turtle, well Lex was swimming away with her head down to see the fish and didn't see the turtle swimming right towards her, luckily another person snorkeling with us pulled Lex back before her and the sea turtle could go crashing into each other. It was pretty funny! When Lex popped her head up to see what was going on, her face was about 3 inches away from the turtles, ahhhh, it was so funny, talk about a shocker! The sea turtle was HUGE, but not scary thank heavens.

On the snorkel cruise they feed us a yummy lunch and we learned lots of fun facts about the island and sea life. We got to see tons of spinner dolphins and chased whales for about an hour. It was pretty exciting! I have never seen a Whale in the wild before, IT.WAS.SO.NEAT. Now that it is Whale season in Hawaii we see them all the time right from shore, the kids love to spot them from the beach!

We had such a great time having Royce stay with us. He is our kids "extra" grandpa and is such a great friend. I know the Lord placed him in our life for a reason and I am very grateful for all he taught Court and for the three years they got to work with each other, he was a wonderful mentor!

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