Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Boy

Dear J-man,

I can not believe that you are FIVE! How on earth did this happen. How did five whole years go by so fast. How did you go from my sweet baby boy to my darling, handsome, smart, sweet little man? I really wish I could slow down time and enjoy you being little longer. You are quite the character and you are constantly cracking us up!

At your request you had a Pirate Birthday Bash. Your sisters were of course there, a few neighborhood friends, and a few friends from your pre-k class. We ate pizza, had cake, played pirate games, creamed a pirate pinata, and opened gifts. It was lots of fun!

On your actual bday we spent the day with Daddy going to the Maui Aquarium, playing in Lahania, went out for a birthday dinner, and then opened gifts at home. We loved that you were on Christmas break so that we could spend the whole day together celebrating as a family. We all love you so much and loved celebrating with you.

You are so much fun at this age. You have a very good idea of what you like and what you don't like. You love to be just like daddy! I love watching your relationship with your dad, he loves you so much and you adore him. You asked me recently why Jesus didn't want you to have a brother, oh it broke my heart, I REALLY wish you could have a brother. I told you that being the only boy is so special and that it means you will get to have dad all to your self for all of the boy stuff. You didn't love that answer at the moment but as you grow I think you will realize how great it is to be the only boy and how much your dad and I love all of the "boy" things you do because you are our one and only little boy.

Some of your favorite things right now are Lego's (boy do you LOVE Lego's, you could play for hours), you love to watch Power Rangers on netflix, I am not the biggest fan of the show, but you sure love it. You also love sports, playing with other boys (younger or older, you love every chance you get to play with BOYS), and dressing up in your pirate costume. We love to see you play and enjoy life.

J, I feel so lucky to be your mom. From the time you were born I could feel your strong spirit, you are an amazing little boy and I know you are going to grow into an amazing man. I hope that throughout your life we can have a strong bond and wonderful friendship. I want you to have the happiest, most productive, wonderful life possible. As much as it makes me sad to see you grow, it also brings me so much joy to see the incredible little person you already are. You are constantly complimenting me and your sisters, telling us how pretty we are. You open doors for women any chance you get, I love that you are a gentleman. You are also so sweet and tender with little babies, especially your own baby sister who you adore. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, cuter, more fun little boy! You bless my life and our families life so much!

Happy 5th birthday little man!!



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