Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Until We Meet Again...

(My Aunt from my other side of my family took this picture and put this page together one week before my grandmothers passing)

This past weekend my darling grandmother passed away. It came as quiet the shock since she was my youngest and healthiest grandparent. My grandfather is 12 years older then her, currently the ripe old age of 95 1/2, so naturally we expected he would be the first to go.

My grandma was an amazing lady, with the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She absolutely loved everyone! She was a people lover, she loved to travel and meet people all over the world. She worked in the University of Utah's Foriegn Exchange program for many many years and got to work with students of every nationality. She loved what she did and they loved her.

For the first ten years of my life I was her only granddaughter. This came with many perks. Grandma loved to spoil me with beautiful dresses and lots of attention. Over the years Grandma and I formed a very special bond. I always loved that she seemed so young and hip! I loved to go into her closet and try on all of her cute shoes. Grandma was an amazing listener, you could talk to her for hours. As I grew into an adult grandma and I's bond grew stronger and she became one of my most precious friends. She would call me regularly and tell me, "Brittany dear, I love you and I just needed to hear your voice." Oh how I am going to miss those phone calls. Grandma hugged and kissed everyone! Before you even had a chance to know what was going on Grandma would grab your face and kiss you smack on the lips!

I look up to my grandmother in so many ways. I loved that she had SPUNK, she was one of the sassiest, funniest ladies you could have ever met! I am grateful for her joyful spirit, her passion for life, her love of her family, her testimony of the gospel, her willingness to serve others and the Legacy of a righteous daughter of our Heavenly Father that she leaves here with us. She will be missed so very much!

(This photo was taken without my knowledge as my brother and I were hugging our grandmother goodbye infront of my home one week prior to her death, little did we know this would be the last time we were able to hug our grandma in this life. What a beautiful gift to have this photo, as I look at it, it's almost as if her soul knew that would be our last embrace for a very long time)

I am ever so grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel, the Plan of Salvation, and to know that this life is not the end. I know that I will be with my grandmother again and this knowledge brings me so much peace at this extremely difficult time.

To learn more about life after death and how families can be united Eternanlly, both on Earth and in Heaven, please visit www.mormon.org

*Grandma attending Brigham Young University, late 1940's, this is my FAVORITE picture of her*


thepainterfamily said...

Oh what a beautiful tribute!

Your grandmother sounds like an amazing lady and I am so touched by your relationship with her.

much love my dear

Jaymie and Justin said...

I'm sorry to hear about her passing. It sounds like you two were very close. It's always hard to lose a loved one, but the knowledge of the after-life helps so much.