Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love this boy!

I am absolutely CRAZY about this sweet little boy of mine! After two girls in a row (I LOVE having 2 girly girls) I didn't have any idea how much fun a boy would be. Honestly when I was pregnant with little man I was so excited that we were having a boy but I was nervous that I wouldn't feel the same connection with him that I did with the girls. BOY was I wrong, he has had me wrapped around ALL of his little fingers from day one! As a baby he was very mellow, always happy, and fun to be around. Now that he has hit the toddler years he does have some 2 year old drama from time to time, but most of the time he is just so darn cute and fun. I absolutely LOVE that he is all boy!!! He loves trucks, cars, dinosaurs, super hero's, swards, etc... I feel very blessed to have this sweet, darling boy as my son, he makes me smile and laugh all day long, what a JOY it is to be his mommy!

(my husband snaped these pictures one day while little man and I were playing, I have no make-up on but OH WELL!!!)

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Jaymie and Justin said...

I am biased because I only have a boy, but boys are very fun! These pictures of the two of you are so cute!