Wednesday, October 6, 2010

101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up

Yesterday my girls were out of school, random to just be out on a Tuesday, but I didn't mind a bit, I LOVED having them home for the day! My husband was able to take most of the day off of work and it was so fun to have a family day. We took the kids to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (a family breakfast favorite), the kids LOVE playing with all of the fun toys in the Cracker Barrel store. After breakfast we had some time to kill before heading to the dollar movie to see Nanny McPhee Returns (such a cute show). We went to the dollar store for some treats for the movie and then walked around Seagull bookstore for a little while. While we were at Seagull Book I spotted this book, 101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up on sale for $1.99, as I was flipping through it I realized what a cute book it was, filled with so many fun ideas for things to do with children, I just had to buy it, especially for the price!!

I really wish my kids would STOP growing up so fast. Honestly it is making me so sad! I love being a mom and I love having my kids be little! There are days that things are so hectic and crazy that having little children can seem more like a burden but at the end of the day when they are tucked cozy in their beds and I look at their sweet sleeping faces I KNOW THAT IT IS ALL WORTH IT! I am really trying to slow down and enjoy this precious time with my children. Slowing down and enjoying life isn't easy in our fast paced world, but I really don't want to look back 20 years from now and be full of regret for the time I didn't spend enjoying and loving my children. 20 years from now I want to look back on a life full of beautiful memories of raising my children, I want to play and have fun with my children, and I want to build a relationship with them that will allow us to be close and friends throughout all of their lives!

This might sound silly, but I think this little book I found really is going to help me grow closer and have more fun with my children. I get distracted by all that I have to do, housework, bills, school, etc... and sadly there are many days that I leave little time for playing with my kids. I want to change this, right now! I love that this book is filled with so many fun ideas to make childhood more memorable. Being a child is a priceless gift, one that you only get to experience ONCE! I want my children to have the best childhood possible and I want to be right there next to them enjoying it with them each step of the way! I have realized that giving your children the best you can is not necessarily about material possessions, it is more about giving them the best of YOU and giving them your time and attention.

Stay tuned to see what fun things we do from this book! Each week I will post one of our adventures!!

{Great Quotes}
"Your children need your presence more than your presents."
-Jesse Jackson

"Don't worry that your children never listen to you; worry that they are ALWAYS watching you."
-Robert Fulghum

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thepainterfamily said...

I love it Britt...we had a day just like this too. They are the best. Truly.