Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Temple Is My Quiet Place...

{Denver, Colorado Temple}

This morning I dropped the girls off at school and Court took little man with him to the gym. I had some extra time before I had to head back to the school to help in my Kindergartners class. I decided to drive to the Temple. When I was in high school (and in college before getting married:) I would drive to the (Denver) Temple often to pray, read my scriptures, and feel closer to our Heavenly Father. The Temple has always been a place of peace for me even before I first took place in the sacred ordinances inside the Temple.

This morning I had a lot on my mind and my emotions were running high. As soon as I drove up to the Temple I instantly felt more peaceful. I parked my car and just sat in front of the Temple for a little while. Then I grabbed my jacket and decided to walk around the Temple grounds. The air was crisp but the Autumn chill felt good. As I walked around the Temple I stared up at the beautiful Mountains covered in fall colors. Tears began to fall down my face as I could feel the amazing Spirit that fills the Temple grounds, as I was circling the Temple words of encouragement and peace filled my mind. It felt as if my Father in Heaven was right there with me. I found a private spot, sat down on bench and prayed. It was a very spiritual experience for me and reminded me of how blessed I am to have the knowledge of the Gospel and of our Father in Heavens plan for his children.

I am so grateful that I took time out of my day to spend just a little time at the Temple. Even though I didn't have time to go inside, I still feel so much more peaceful from my experience today. I know that our Father in Heaven loves each of us and I am so grateful that I can have a personal relationship with him. I know he loves me, he is mindful of me, and he is there to comfort me. I am so glad I did this today, it took me back in time and reminded me of the wonderful experiences I had growing up simply just walking around the Temple and feeling the Spirit that is there.

I am also grateful for the challenges and trials of life. I know that Heavenly Father does not give us any trial that we can not handle. I am grateful that trials remind me of who I am and what I stand for. I know that Heavenly Father knows each of us, he loves us, and he wants to have a personal relationship with us.

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Michelle Wilson said...

I just found your blog and really like it. I love to meet fellow bloggers! I know what you mean about being stressed out! I just finished working full-time and am back home with the kidlets. Don't worry, time will go by fast and you'll be done before you know it! I also love the temple. I have had many sweet experiences there! Thank you for sharing.