Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes (On a budget!)

Last year around this time money was much tighter then normal for our family! When it came time for the kiddos to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween I knew I was going to need to be very creative. Between all 3 kids I think I spent less than $35.

My oldest daughter was Rapunzel. She wore a princess dress up that she already had, and then we made her princess hat/crown and the 'Rapunzel' braid together. We made the braid out of brown yarn. It was a little time consuming and took about 150 peices to get the thickness we wanted, but in the end it turned out great AND only cost a few dollars! The hat/crown is just a big birthday hat from the dollar store. I painted it pink with paint from the craft store, hot glued on some flowers, jewels, and ribbon AND VOLA a very cute costume if you ask me!!!
(we attached the braid to her real hair by putting her hair in a big messy bun and then putting the braid underneath the bun and wrapping 2 big rubber bands around it)

My younger daughter was a witch. She wore a Halloween shirt that was passed down to her from her big sis, a witch hat, black and orange tights, and a tutu. I bought her hat and tights at walmart for a few dollars each. I added a flower and a feather to the hat with hot glue to give it a little pizazz! Then I made her a tutu out of ribbon and toole, it was a no-sew tutu and maybe took me 30 minutes to make, SUPER EASY, learn how to make one here...

Then last but not least my little man was buzz lightyear! I found his costume on ebay for $15 used. It was an actual disney store costume, so it is great quality, looked brand new, and he still dresses up in it at least once a week!
Any guesses on what my husbands costume was??? It was silly and a little cheesy, but I sure love it that he knows how to have FuN!

Our family is getting super excited for Halloween in a few weeks! Check back to see what we are being... the whole family is dressing up :)

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thepainterfamily said...

so creative brit!

I'm excited to see what you create this year :)