Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad blogger...

I have not been so great at blogging lately, I think it has something to do with being a mother of FOUR children and adjusting to life with a newborn ;). I don't want to forget all of the "little moments" in my life, it's not hard to remember to blog about the big things... holidays, birthdays, etc... but I want to remember all of the great little things that happen in day to day life. I am going to try REALLY hard to write down the sweet things my kids say, things that make me laugh, and even the moments when I want to cry!

This past Sunday we blessed our baby girl. It was such a special and spiritual day. This was the first time that all of my family has been together since my brother Jake's funeral. For weeks before the blessing I was feeling so anxious about what this reunion would feel like... I cried just about everyday thinking about how difficult life is going to be without Jake being at the special events in our life. I have had a difficult time admitting to myself that Jake is really gone. It has been four months exactly since I last saw my brother. I haven't lived at home in over ten years, so going months without seeing my family feels so normal to me. The idea that I have to wait my entire life to see my brother again is sometimes very overwhelming. I prayed and prayed that Jake's spirit could be with our family this weekend and that he could be with us. Heavenly Father most definitely answered my prayers, I know that Jake was with us and it felt so comforting to know that Heaven really isn't that far away.

Friday night I surprised my mom with a girls night out. I had called all of her sisters and their daughters and we went to Cheesecake Factory. My mom had no idea that they were all meeting us there and it was so fun to see how surprised she was. We had a great girls night out laughing and talking! We actually got quit a few looks... my moms family is LOUD!! I love being able to go on girls nights out with my mom and sister, I wish we lived closer and could do these more often.

Saturday Court and I went to Costco and ran a few errands to get ready for the Blessing while my mom watched the kids. WOW, I forgot what it is like to run errands with just my hubby and me. Latter that afternoon we took all of the kids to see Captain America at the dollar theater. Everyone really liked the movie, J-man feel asleep on my lap half way through the movie and before I knew it I was asleep too! Darn it, I really wanted to see the ending! I guess I will have to wait for it to come to redbox. Later that night my mom and I went to the airport to pick up my dad, he had lots of work at home and couldn't come until then. I am SO GRATEFUL he came despite the fact that he had to turn around and drive home with my family the next day. It meant so much to me that he made sure he was here for the blessing no matter what.

Sunday Court blessed our baby girl in Sacrament meeting. She looked so beautiful in the long white dress my mom bought for her. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so many family and friends! I am constantly amazed at how truly blessed we are to have so many wonderful people in our life who love and support us through the good times and the bad. It was a beautiful sight to see a large group of men who worthily hold the Priesthood surround my baby girl and give her a name and a blessing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the wonderful blessing it is in my life. While Court was giving the blessing I thought of my brother Jake and tears just started to fall from my face, immediatley I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and could see Jake's face with a big huge smile on it in my mind, it was so comforting to know that we was there with us and that his spirit can still be with us during these special moments in our lives. After the blessing we came back to our house for dessert. It was truly a wonderful day and I am so grateful to have had so many people we love so much to share the day with us!

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