Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Defend the family!!!

I got an email today from a friend of mine with a video clip about the consequences if the bill for same sex marriages passes. (Click HERE to watch the video) I literally felt sick after watching it, just the thought of what our precious children will face in this life is terrifying!! If something like what happened in this video clip were to happen at my daughters school I will be forced to either home school her(something I'm not sure I am capable of:) or would have to find a way to send her to a private school. I find it absolutely NO coincidence that in the General Relief Society meeting for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints last weekend that Julie Beck the General Relief Society President spoke about DEFENDING THE FAMILY!! To echo Sister Becks talk, it is up to US, as women and mothers to increase our FAITH, strengthen our HOMES, and remain FAITHFUL to the LORD. Our homes need to be SANCTUARIES from this scary and evil world that we live in. It is so easy to get busy and forget to do things, please don't forget to REGISTER TO VOTE, and come November CALIFORNIANS make sure to vote AGAINST same sex marriage!!

PLEASE PASS THIS VIDEO CLIP ALONG, Everyone we know needs to see it, it is up to us to protect our children and families!!


Jonelle said...

Just curious... as a homeschooling family because of many of these things that are ALREADY happening in schools.. what makes you so against homeschooling your children?

Brittany said...


I think homeschooling is very noble and wonderful if you are capable of doing it. I personally feel very overwhelemed at the thought of homeschooling, partly because having my children home every day all day is exhausting and because I don't feel that I am qualified to teach them everything that they need to be taught. I feel like my children seem to learn better from other adults. I would love to hear any suggestions that you have about homeschooling. I try to work with my kids at home on the things that they are learing at school but I often get very discouraged because they don't seem to want to listen to me. Do you have any advise?