Monday, October 13, 2008

Money Saving Tips?

Does anyone have any great money saving tips? With all that is going on in the economy right now I know that many of us have 'money' on our minds. Court and I are trying our best to live more frugally, but even just the basics for a family of five can get pretty costly. I have always been a bargain shopper, I love to get something for a great price, but usually that means I end up buying more than I should because it was on sale. Are any of you coupon grocery shoppers? This is not something I am good at, but I am willing to try it out if someone could give me some tips:).

T-mobile now offers a home phone line, Court and I are going to switch our home phone to them, it has unlimited nation wide long distance, voice mail, caller id, etc... and only costs $10 per month. We are paying $30 for the exact same thing through Time Warner. I don't know if other cell phone companies are offering this too but it doesn't hurt to find out:)

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Stacy F said...

If you go to the coupon page ( then scroll to the bottom and click on super target coupons + specials)you can print a coupon for $1.00 off of a bag of baby carrots. They are regularly 1.99, but are on sale for 1.29, so use the coupon and they are only 29 cents a bag. I heard you can freeze them, so I am going to print off several coupons and stock up. Also I just signed up for It has lists that are updated each week of the best grocery deals. One example on my list this week is antiperstirant, regular 3.49 on sale for .75 (which is 79% off) and red bell peppers, reg 2.49 each, on sale for .67 (savings of 73%). There is one for 74% off toothpaste and 78% off gatorade. There are tons of good deals like that. You can sign up for a 4 week trial for only 1 dollar to see if you like it. Use my email address as your referrer if you sign up