Thursday, October 9, 2008

Addiction Recovery Program

I recently recieved this email about the LDS Addiction Recovery program, this is an amazing program that is available to ANYONE who is in need of help!

I am a missionary for the LDS Church Addiction Recovery program under the direction of LDS Family Services. Many people don’t know about this program unless for some reason they have had the misfortune to have to be referred to it. I say misfortune only because that means that their life has been touched by their own addiction or the addiction of another who is close to them. I want everyone to know that there is hope and healing from addictions. This program is free and available to anyone even if they are not a member of the LDS Church. Everyday there are meetings all over the United States and the world for that matter to help people get on their way to recovery. I live in Utah and serve in the Sandy, Utah area. My husband and I do English as well as Spanish meetings. It is my hope and desire that anyone who reads this message, who is in need of help that they go to and look under Home and Family, then look under Marriage, family and individual counseling, and then Addiction recovery program. You will find a downloadable manual as well as a list of where all the meetings are held and the times .In the manual the introduction will give you an overview of the purpose of the Addiction Recovery program. Then just go to the meeting. It is for those who are addicted to just about everything including Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, Food disorders, Anger, and those are only the tip of the iceburg. This program can help just about anyone who has a desire to rid themselves of addiction and put their hands in the capable hands of the Lord. There is hope and there is healing, and only you can take the first step to get help. It is up to you. Think about it and if you need the help, just go and there will be people waiting for you to teach you the 12 steps to healing your wounded body and soul.


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Pam said...

The Addiction Recovery Program is amazing. I would highly recommend it to everyone (we all have some sort of addiction). It really helped me understand the Atonement.