Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love Sunday's...

(journal entry)

Yesterday was a great day! My visiting teachers came by in the morning and we had a great chit chat. Court was a good sport and took the kids to the kitchen to make french toast so that I could talk with them in peace and quiet. I am so grateful for the Relief Society and for the Visiting Teaching program!! I love that I have cute sisters in my ward(church congregation) that faithfully come to check on me and visit with me once a month.

After my visiting teachers left both Court and I had interviews to get our temple recommends renewed. I can't wait to go to the temple with him this coming weekend! It sure comes in handy living RIGHT across the street from the Church, he ran over first while I watched the kids, then as soon as he got back we switched and I was able to run over. Being so close to our Church and the Temple is such a great blessing. When we lived in Kansas City we were lucky enough to be about 7 minutes from our Chapel, but the closest temple was in Omaha, Nebraska, over 3 hours ONE WAY! Those hours in the car going to and from the Temple were long, but I learned so much from that sacrifice. I truly believe that my testimony was strengthened during those drives, my love for the Temple and the sacred ordinances that take place there took on a new meaning.

Yesterday at Church little man was in kind of in a 'little pill' of a mood, one o'clock church can do that to a two year old! Luckily I was able to take the Sacrament before he and I had to walk the halls all throughout the meeting. Usually he will sit still for at least half of Sacrament meeting, but not yesterday! Court and I teach the CTR 9 Sunday school class, it can be very fun and very challenging at times. We have a young man in our class who suffers from sever ADHD, he is constantly leaving the class room and not coming back , interrupting, being rude, and being just all around difficult. I know that Heavenly Father gave us this calling to test us! There are some Sunday's that it is hard to get excited about teaching because we know how difficult this boy is going to make things. Although serving in this calling is a challenge, I am grateful for the opportunity. We are learning LOTS of patience! Also I am loving that this year we are teaching on the Old Testament, I feel like I am learning more than the kids. We are lucky that the other children in the class are very sweet and well behaved, and this particular boy who at times makes things difficult is showing signs of improvement in his behavior! During primary sharing time we ran through our primary program with all of the kids. My daughters are singing a duet, I can't wait! AND I can't believe they are going to do it!! My oldest daughter volunteered them for the part, she is much more out going then my five year old, so we will be doing lots of practicing the next few weeks! The kids in our class are all going to bear their testimonies and I think that will be a real treat.

After church we came home and made Sunday dinner. Court barbecued some delicious steak and I made edimame (one of the kids favorite vegetables) and orange rolls (out of a can, come on people;), we also had pears with our dinner. The kids ate more than I have seen them eat in a LONG time. I sure love being home for dinner, with me being in school at night during the week it is a real treat to have all of us around the dinner table at one time! After dinner we let the kids ride their scooters to the elementary school right by our house, we kicked around a ball together and swung on the swings, WHAT A GREAT SUNDAY!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE spending time with my family! I feel so blessed to have a wonderful husband and 3 darling children!!

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