Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Your Childs Car Seat Safe???

I read THIS article on car seat safety this morning and wanted to share! I will most definitely be checking my little mans car seat to make sure it is installed properly, you can never be to careful with your PRECIOUS CARGO!! It REALLY upsets me when I see parents driving down the road and their kids are not in their car seats. I think this is so irresponsible. I have called the police several times because of this.
My husband and I were out running errands a few months ago and pulled up at a stop light next to a man on a motorcycle holding an INFANT, I kid you not! The baby couldn't have been much older than one, I seriously about died, I could not believe someone would be that stupid!!! I called the police right then, I don't know if he got caught because he turned and went a different way then us, but I sure hope so!!!

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