Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Baby Girl...

My sweet little E, you are 5 months old, FIVE MONTHS! Time really is flying by dispite my desire for it to slow down. The past five months with you have been a PURE joy! You are precious in every way and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to our family.

I was looking back at the timing of your birth and the timing of your sisters and brothers births. The Lord sure knows what he is doing. You were each sent to me at a specific time, when I needed you the most. Your precious, pure, and powerful spirits have helped carry me through the biggest trials I have faced in life. Each time I have had a big trial to deal with I have for some reason always had a new baby. I think that Heavenly Father knew that I needed your strong spirits and connections to Heaven to get me through. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with four beautiful children. I love being a mother to each of you and I am so grateful you have been entrusted in my care.

Little E, you have the sweetest little personality. You are ALWAYS happy and so much fun to be around. You smile at everyone you meet. You get so much attention, all of your hair and those big eyes, people can't help but comment on how beautiful you are! I can tell that you are going to be just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Your spirit is strong and I can feel that. I am in owe of you, I love to just hold you, cuddle you, and stare at your beautiful little face. You are my baby, you always will be. I know that you are my last and the thought of never having another baby of my own to hold and love is very sad, but I want to be a GREAT mother to you and your siblings, and for me part of being a great mom is knowing my limitations. Four is my limit.

Five months old is such a fun stage. You are loving toys right now. You love anything soft that you can grab and stick straight into your mouth. You also love things you can shake and make noise with. You love to sit up, you aren't doing it on your own yet, but you love to sit in you bumbo and watch what everyone is doing. Most of the time you are very quiet and always observing what is going on around you. Recently though you have started growling, I'm not sure what happened to your sweet cooing, but you have replaced it with growling at it is pretty funny! You love to growl with your daddy, you take turns with him and you both growl back and forth at each other. It is dang funny to hear growling coming out of such a sweet, tiny little girl!

You are still so petite and I love it. I love that you are my last and you are staying tiny!! You are not even 12 pounds yet, but you are really long, just skinny. We started you on rice cereal and you aren't too sure what you think about it. You are getting better about taking it as time goes on. The Doctor asked us to start you on baby food as well since you are so small and not a big eater. We gave you green beans for the first time a few days ago. At first you didn't like them too much, but you are starting to like them now.

I love you so much my sweet baby girl. You have brought so much joy and love into our home! Your sisters and brother think you are are greatest thing in the whole world. You are definitely the little princess of this family! J-man is so sweet to you, I love seeing him read you stories and play with you. Your dad is just as crazy about you as I am, you are his precious baby girl! Now, please, STOP growing up so fast!!

I love you to the moon and back!


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