Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love my job!

This morning as I got the girlies off to school, feed the baby, and had a funny little conversation with J-man about how proud he was that he didn't wet the bed, I had a continuing feeling of gratitude for being a mother. Today has started out just like most days, but for some reason this morning the spirit has reminded me of what a blessing it is to be entrusted with these sweet little spirits! There are many times that I feel like a failure as a mom, but I know Heavenly Father knows I can do this with his help. I am so grateful to be a stay-at-home mom, last year around this time I went to school 40 hours a week for 4 1/2 months, MAN that was hard!! I hated not being home with my little man and kindergartener during the day and not being home when my sweet Mac got home from school. It killed me not being there! I am so glad that is OVER. That experience did teach me some very important lessons though. I learned how hard it is to work full time and be a mother, I learned that being able to stay home with my children is a huge blessing, and I learned that no matter how hard being a mom can be, being home with my children is exactly where I belong.

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Jaymie and Justin said...

I feel so lucky that I get to stay home with Easton too! It would be so hard to leave for work and miss seeing all the cute things during the day.