Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh boy!

We're in trouble!! This $100 budget thing for ANYTHING extra this month is turning out to be MUCH harder then we thought. Looks like we are going to need to just stay home the rest of the month so that we aren't so tempted to spend!

So here is how we have spent our budget so far...

Wednesday night Courts boss invited us to the Jazz game at the last minute. Courts mom was awesome and came to watch the kids (and did all of our laundry why we were gone, I am so lucky to have a TERRIFIC mother-in-law).Royce (Courts boss) bought us dinner, he is so great to us, he is always taking us to games, out to dinner, etc...
We couldn't resist and did buy a big old ice cream cone at the game, it was YUMMY and worth every penny. We figured going to the Jazz game was our date night for the week, so $6 on ice cream wasn't so bad!

Thursday was a rough day, kids were crazy, baby didn't sleep, I thought I wasn't going to survive. Normally on a day like this Court would come home with a diet coke for me, but since we aren't drinking soda he brought home candy instead. AHHH, bad, bad, bad. I am trying to LOOSE my baby weight, but I CAN NOT RESIST candy when it is starring me down in the face! So I ate the candy (all of it) and there went $3 more of our $100 budget.

THEN last night, Friday, I worked until 5:30pm, then drove home in some crazy rush hour traffic. By the time I got home it was already 6:30pm, baby was starving, kids were starving, I was starving, and we had NO FOOD in the house. SO we ended up going out. BAD, I know, it was only day 3 of our $100 budget month! We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant, it was soooo good. We had a coupon for buy one get one free adult meal, so that helped keep our cost down. Plus now that Mac is older she doesn't love to eat off the kids menu, so her and I usually share. All together with tax and tip our meal came to $29. Too bad at all for dinner for our whole family, but still a BIG chunk of our budget.

SOOOOO out of our $100 we have spent $38, leaving us with just $62 for the REST OF THE MONTH! I still need to buy the kids valentine cards and treats for school and a little Valentine gift for each of them. LOOKS like we are going to need to be extra careful!!!

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