Thursday, February 2, 2012

We love to ski

On Tuesday Court and I gave the kiddos the day off school and took them up to the Canyons Resort in Park City for a day of snow skiing lessons! The girls have both only missed one day of school this whole year due to being sick, so we figured missing one more day wouldn't be the end of the world ;).

January is Utah's learn to ski month and there are lots of great deals for locals. The kids were able to take a 5 hour lesson that included their lunch, ski rentals, and lift ticket for only $39 each. Normally this package is $198 PER KID!! We just couldn't pass up a chance for them to get to do this at such a great price. I have to admit leaving J-man there was a bit of a challenge for me. You drop your kids off at ski school at 9am and don't pick them up until 3:30pm! I was kind of panicking about how he would handle this. Since Court and I weren't skiing we hung out in the Lodge, got some breakfast, and watched for the kiddos. We finally spotted J and he wasn't doing so well, the teacher couldn't even get him to put his skis on. Court walked over to the ski school hill and gave him a little pep talk. After that he put his skis on, headed up the lift (they call it a "magic carpet" because the kids stand on it and it pulls them up the hill) and then he went cruising down. It was so fun to watch him, he picked up on it so fast and was having a blast in no time.

We looked and looked for the girls but couldn't see them. Finally Court asked the people in the ski school office where they were. Turns out they had already gone WAY up the mountain to a different part of the ski school. We really wanted to watch them for a little while but just the ticket to ride to the top was $15 each! So Court talked to them, told them we weren't skiing and that we just wanted to take pictures. The lady printed us some passes for free and we headed up the mountain with the baby. We sure got some looks when we had a baby up at the top of a ski resort. I felt like wearing a sign that said, "People we are not stupid, no we are not skiing with our BABY". Seriously people asked me if we were. There was another lodge up at the top of the resort that over looked the ski school, so we ate lunch, drank hot chocolate, and watched the girls.

After I knew that all of my kiddos were safe and having fun Court and I headed back down and went shopping at the outlets for a little while. We mostly just looked around and then got a few things for the baby.

It was such a fun day. I loved getting to spend it with my hubby and I loved that my kids got to try something new. I LOVED skiing with my mom growing up and can't wait to take my kids with me. They definitely need a few more lessons before I will brave taking them on my own. Hopefully we can find another great deal and take them once more this season!

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