Thursday, July 28, 2011

Me, Myself, and I

Today I had two Doctors appointments, one this morning all the way downtown and then one this afternoon. Court was so sweet and knew how BADLY I needed a break from the kiddos after being sick for 3 weeks. He offered to stay home for the day and let me have the day to myself! I left around 9am this morning and didn't get back until 4pm this afternoon. As much as I would have rather not had Doctor appointments fill half my day, it was a GREAT much needed break.

After my first appoitment I headed down to Gateway Mall for a little shopping and then had lunch at Jason's Deli. I really wish I would have had a good book with me because I could have just sat in that booth quietly alone for hours! Maybe I am weird, but every once in awhile I just love an "alone" day. I don't mind one bit getting lunch by myself or shopping, I find it really relaxing! I wish I would have thought ahead and could have spent the afternoon at the Salt Lake Temple, as I drove past it I thought to myself, "darn it..why didn't I think of that, that would have been a terrific way to spend my day alone". Next time, FORSURE!

After lunch I headed up to a Salon my friend works at downtown to say Hi and check out the place! It was fun to chit chat for a little bit and catch up!! As nice as it is to be done with school and a stay-at-home mom again, I have to admit, I was a bit jealous that she is already in a salon and starting her career! I am REALLY missing doing hair and interacting with clients!!! Once my baby is at least a few months old I may look at working one day a week to keep up my skills and get some more hands on experience.

I finished up my day meeting with my OB. It really was great to FINALLY get to meet with the actual GI specialist this morning and then get to follow up with my OB this afternoon. We still don't have answers to exactly WHAT is wrong with me but we are trying out a heavy duty antibiotic and are hoping that cures whatever strange bug I have. If that doesn't work then there will be more tests and such from there, but I am HOPEFUL that the medication will work. My pregnancy is basically considered high risk from here on out and truly it makes me feel so much better that they are being overly cautious. The baby is measuring small, but her heart rate and amniotic fluid look good, which really calms a pregnant mammas nerves! I will have a full ultrasound Saturday to make sure that everything is ok with the baby!

It really was a great day and so nice to finally be getting some help with whatever is wrong with me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog on mormon blogs. Congrats on your 4th! Sorry to hear you are not well. I am expecting my 4th as well and I have my own set of problems...but they are worth it : ) Hope you feel better soon!