Saturday, July 2, 2011


Court and I just got back late last night from being in California for my brothers funeral and from our trip to cabo. The last few weeks have been so strange, I feel like it's been months not weeks with all that has happened. When I get a chance I want to sit down and record my feelings over the past few weeks, but I know it wont be easy, so I am going to give myself sometime to keep processing things.

My little brother was a funny soul. He loved to laugh, smile, and goof off. My mom shared this funny story of him on his facebook memorial page and I thought I would share because it made me smile, I can't think of him and not smile! I MISS HIM SO MUCH ALREADY!!! I know he must be doing amazing things on the other side and that his laughter and charm are blessing those around him.

Here is what my mom shared...

Thought I would share today. I shared a funny story about Jake, Devon & Aubrey and friends, collecting frogs with Jake and making a frog pond on our side yard, and then frogs coming from everywhere, and they all were in our pool, never seen so many frogs. Jake worked with me at Gold's and I heard all the time how wonderful my son was and his award winning smile meant a lot to everyone there. We've never had frogs come in to the gym, since we opened in 2005, over the last couple of days, guess what has shown up? FROGS, hopping around. Jake's reminding us to LAUGH, have JOY and be GOOFY, attached is a GOOFY picture of him, what character..... Please share if you wish....WE LOVE YOU, JAKE LOVES you... The Waterlyn's
(Jake being his goofy self!)

***I have decided my kids need some pet frogs***


thepainterfamily said...

i do love the pet frog idea :)

and what a touching story!


LoriLou said...

Brittany: Just wanted to tell you how my heart aches for you and your family, and yet is so inspired by how resilient and faithful your family is. I have been putting your family's name on the temple prayer roll here in Denver and will continue to do so. So many people love you and your family. Your mom is the kindest, most genuine and loving person I've ever met, and your dad could always make me laugh. All five of you kids are just like them. I am touched by your testimony and your sure knowledge that families are forever. I know Jake is close to you all and will be wearing that wonderful smile when you see him again. With love, Lori in CO