Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Last night Court took our 8 year old daughter to the Jazz game for a special daddy daughter date! She sure had a blast and loved getting to go with her dad all by herself!!! I guess she didn't stop taking or asking questions the entire game. The guy sitting next to them was getting quite a kick out of her (at least he wasn't bugged). I love that my hubby does special things with each one of our children. I know that they will cherish these memories in the future as will he.

I stayed home with the little one's, watched movies, and painted my 5 years old's toes and finger nails. We were waiting for little man to fall asleep so that we could have some one on one girl time but since he got a nap yesterday he was NOT tired AT ALL. Dang those naps, he still needs them so bad, but then he WON'T go to sleep at night. Her and I will have to go on a special date of our own!

I am just about 18 weeks pregnant now. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. It helps that I am so busy with school that it keeps my mind off of it. I am still pretty nauseous and still have to take my medication every night to control the nausea. It is so weird that I have been so sick this time, I was NEVER sick with the girls and only got a little sick for about 6 weeks with my little man. My heart burn as kicked into full swing, man that stuff is not fun! I pretty much get it every night right before bed. Thank goodness for MAALOX. This coming Friday we go in for my ultra sound, we are very excited to see if baby #4 is a boy or a girl!!!

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