Monday, March 14, 2011


Holy smokes the weeks just seem to be FLYING by lately!!! I feel like I blink and another week has come and gone.

We had another eventful week in the life of the Jones family...

* The girls had parent teacher conferences this week. I was a little nervous about how these would go since they are still pretty new and we are all adjusting to the new school. I was so happy to hear that BOTH my girls are doing great in school, behaving wonderfully, and transitioning well to the new school. MUSIC to a mothers ears!!! I really love the girls new school and I have been very happy with their teachers.
*I started my State Board review class on Wednesday night. I have to go every Wednesday night for the next 6 weeks, which TOTALLY stinks. BUT this means I am that much closer to graduating!!! I will take my written and practical state boards mid-April, wahooooo! I have never been so excited to take tests in my entire life :).

*Between me having to go to class Wednesday night and my hubby having all of the kiddos and needing to get our 8 year old to Activity Days (fun program our church has for girls 8-12 years old) I was so incredibly grateful to the Relief Society in my ward for arranging dinner for us that night. They had no idea how crazy that day was going to be for us, but they did know how busy our family is right now and how I have been VERY sick with this pregnancy and just wanted to help out. I am so grateful to belong to a Church that has people who will look out for you and will do sweet acts of kindness like this for you when your life is just NUTS!

*Thursday this kids were out of school early and our babysitter happened to be out of town. So Court stayed home the first half of the day and I did a half day at school so that I could be home with the kids the rest of the day. It was really warm outside so we got the bikes and scooters out and the kids had a blast!!! I sure love living in a cul-de-sac and having our side street be a dead end. The kids have so much room to ride around without me having to worry about any cars! While the kids played I worked on painting our kitchen chairs. Our table is SO UGLY, so I have been painting the table and chairs, but it has become a bit of a drawn out process considering I don't have much time to work on it. Court had to work late so the kids and I grabbed KFC and headed to the park for dinner. KFC isn't exactly the healthiest meal, not to mention pricey for fast food, so I don't think we will be doing that again. The wind REALLY picked up once we got to the park which made for a chilly picnic, but the kids still had fun and loved playing after we ate. I sure loved being home most of the day with the kiddos, I LOVE being a mom, and REALLY miss being home full time!!!

*Yesterday I woke up to my hubby bringing me breakfast in bed! WOW I am a lucky girl!!! He is QUITE the guy! Not to mention he had feed all of the kids and we were babysitting my neice Madison over night, so he had 4 kids to take care of. He made yummy waffels:). After church we went to Courts parents house for dinner. It is always great to eat a nice meal without having to go to all the work :). Courts parents will be moving to Logan in a few months, so we are trying to squeeze in as much grandma and grandpa time as we can before they move.
{Courts cute parents with ALL of the Jones grandchildren}


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