Monday, March 28, 2011

I Want Spring...Now!

Oh man I am craving spring sooooo bad. I can't wait for sunny days, warm weather, and flowers! I sure wish Winters in Utah weren't so DANG long. I was at home depot today with my 2 little one's and we browsed the flower section. I hate to buy anything yet with this cold weather. Actually as we were going out to our car it started SNOWING, so I am really glad I didn't give in and buy anything! Come on mother nature it's almost April!!!

Last week for FHE we did some major spring cleaning in the basement. We organized the playroom/rec-room, the kids rooms, and the kids closets. The girls were not overly thrilled with my plan for family night, but it HAD to be done. It has been so nice the past week to have it so organized down there. I feel like it makes it SOOOO much easier to stay on top of the daily clean up when everything is organized.

Today I am painting our kitchen chairs, WAHOO! I hope that I can finally get this project completed. I painted our table as well but I've decided to sell it in our next garage sale. It only seats 6, so with 5 of us it's hard to have anyone over. I found a great table at Ikea that seats up to 10 and is an affordable price, so HOPEFULLY I will be able to get it in the next few weeks (come on tax return, where are you:). Since chairs are SO expensive I am going to keep the 6 we have and then get 2 upholstered chairs to go on each end of the table. I found some red leather one's that I really like at Pier 1, now I just have to get Court to like them too! If I can't get him to agree on those then I might go with a rattan chairs? We'll see, any suggestions?

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