Monday, March 7, 2011

Just another ***Manic*** Monday...

WOW, it's Monday again already! Seems like the weeks are just flying by lately. Which in someways is good because that means the end of May should be here in no time and I will be DONE with school!!!

I wanted to take a few minutes to jot down a few highlights of last week before I forget...

The girls started a group piano class and LOVED it! I am really hoping that taking a fun class like this will make it so that piano lessons are enjoyable for them and that it will be something they WANT to do. After piano Court took our 5 year old to the Jazz game. It was a pretty late game, but since the girls didn't have school on Friday we figured it was ok. She LOVED going on a one on one date with her daddy. She especially loved watching the Jazz Dancers! She asked my husband why so many of the basketball players had stamps(tattoos) on them, hahaha, I thought that "stamps" was a great way to put it.

Friday I had school like usual. I decided to go pick up my Grandma (my moms mom) from her care center and bring her back the salon for some pampering. When I got there she was eating lunch. I told her my idea for her to come back to school with me and asked her what she thought about it. She was sooooo funny. She was in the middle of eating lunch, set her fork down on the table, hit the green light on her Jazzy wheel chair and said... "well what are you waiting for, let's get outta here". HAHAHAHA!!! She is so darn funny. She had me laughing the whole afternoon! First we couldn't find her portable wheel chair so she wanted to just "borrow" some one's from the hall. Then we are looking for her glasses and she was missing one lens. I asked her what her friends name's were that she was eating lunch with and she told me, "I don't bother with names, I just say, hey YOU". Oh man she is a crack up, I guess at her age what does it really matter anymore anyway :). She really enjoyed getting her hair washed and styled and loved her manicure. She bopped her head to the music the whole time she was at the salon and told me many times what a great beat it was. This is something I will definitely will be doing again, SHE made my whole day with her upbeat, cute attitude! It definitely was a challenge with her being in a wheel chair, but well worth it!!! She told me that when someone comes to get her and they say GO, she goes! I am so grateful to have my grandmother in my life and to have had a close relationship with her. My grandmother converted to the GOSPEL (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) after she married my grandfather. I am so grateful to her for this and forever changing our family. It is because of her choice that I have the knowledge I have today and the incredible blessing of being a member of the Church!

Friday night Court and I got to go out on a date, WAHOOOO!!! That doesn't happen very often lately. We went to Temppanyaki Japanese Steak House for dinner, it was SOOOOO yummy! One of my favorite restaurants for sure. After dinner we hit up Walmart for a few treats to sneak in my purse for our movie :). We saw the movie "Unknown", I thought it was really good and had some unexpected twists to it! I love getting to go out with my hubby, after 9 years of marriage, "he's STILL the ONE".

By the time I made it home from school on Saturday night neither Court or I felt like cooking so he ran and got us some pizza. We got the kids bathed for Sunday and to bed early!!! Then we sat down to watch a show together and I PASSED out! Poor Court, I do this to him all the time lately. Between school, the kids, and the anti-nausea medication I am on, I just can't really stay up late anymore.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had Courts parents over after Church for dinner. The KIDS adore their grandparents!!! After dinner we played spoons and basketball on our new arcade basketball hoops that Court bought (don't send men to Costco alone, they come back with some BIG items sometimes:).

So there it is, life is busy, crazy, but VERY FUN at our house!



Jaymie and Justin said...

I love the stamps (tatoos) comment! I'm glad you got a fun date night with your husband. Sometimes they are few and far between.

thepainterfamily said...

oh britt....i just loved the part about your grandma...had me tear up just thinking about that special relationship! so cute!