Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This kid cracks me up!

My little man who recently turned 3 is quite the hoot. He has the best personality and is so much fun! He makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Yesterday was Monday, so I didn't have school (my new favorite day of the week). It was time to pick up my 5 year old from Kindergarten and I had just gotten the little man ready (hair done, shoes on, etc...). I told him, "ok hurry up it's time to pick up your sister". As he walked down the hall he stopped to notice the big mirror I had on the floor resting against the wall. He walked past the mirror, stopped, backed up and then checked himself out in the mirror. I was laughing pretty hard at this point, THEN I hear him say to himself, "well hi there, aren't you handsome". HAHAHAHA... he is such a crack up!

Tonight for dinner we had Cafe' Rio Pork Salad. I put half lettuce and half spinach greens in the salad. Even with the pork and all of the toppings mixed on the salad my little man still figured out real quick that it wasn't just lettuce. Every time he would find a piece of spinach he would pull out, set it on the table, and say, "ewww, yuck, we don't eat leaf's"! It was pretty funny. I decided it wasn't worth it to force him to eat it, he is 3 after all and WILL eat salad :).

***On a side note, for my journaling...
Yesterday for FHE we a nice family dinner. It was great to have us all home to eat together since that doesn't happen too often lately. Court has been working LOTS of nights to make up for the days he stays home with the kids while I am at school. After dinner Court read to us from the Book of Mormon and told the kids the story of Lehi and his family having to flee Jerusalem and leave behind all of their things. The girls couldn't believe that they had to leave behind almost ALL of their belongings. We finished up the night by taking the kids to the Library, we sure love living 2 minutes away!! The girls each picked out ten books so they can read them for their nightly reading homework. My 5 year old picked out every Fancy Nancy book she could find. My 8 year old LOVES to read the Junie B. Jones series. And as for the little man, he picked out all superhero books, he is 100% BOY!!!

I sure do love my family! And I love having Family Home Evening (FHE) even if my kids are bouncing off the walls!!! Can't wait to see what life is like once Jones baby #4 gets here. People keep telling me, "oh once you have 3, 4 is nothing". Now I obviously have never had 4 kids so I don't actually KNOW, but honestly I don't buy it! I think every child adds new challenges to a family. But even though I'm sure it's just going to get more crazy around here, I sure am EXCITED!

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Jaymie and Justin said...

That mirror thing is hilarious! I can't believe a 3 year old would say that! He sure is an adorable boy!