Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We LOVE family home evenings!

Yesterday for FHE we took the kids to the dollar movie to see Tangled. We had actually seen it already over Christmas but we thought it was so good we saw it again! Monday nights are .75 cent night at the discount theater across town, so for all 5 of us it was only $3.75, SCORE!!!

After the movie we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was YUMMY!!! Their rolls and honey butter are sooooo good! Lucky for us our kids aren't big eaters so we get away with ordering 2 adult meals and all of us splitting it (I wonder how long we can make that last).

The kids were really good and it was a very fun family night. The kids did get to bed later than usual but OH WELL!!! The girls were great sports about getting their homework done in the car which made me happy.

Yesterday morning I had a doctors appointment. Because I have been so sick I still haven't gained any weight, at least there is one perk to being sick! Little man came with me to the appointment. I still can't believe he isn't going to be my baby anymore!!! It took the Doctor much longer than usual to find the heart beat which was starting to freak me out, so so so glad she eventually found it! Even my little man was so excited when we finally heard it, not that he really had any idea WHAT he was hearing. I am about 16 weeks now and I will have my ultrasound on April 1st to find out what we are having, I CAN'T WAIT. Court thinks it is a girl, the kids think it is a boy, and I'm really not sure. It will be exciting either way.

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