Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soooooo Excited!

This might sound really silly, but ever since we moved from Kansas City I have been searching for a store in Utah that carries a line of children's furniture called Young America by Stanley. When we moved we sold my oldest daughters bedroom furniture so that we could buy her a set that matched her little sisters (so they could share a room). WELL, much to my disappointment all of the stores that carry this line in Utah are CrAzY expensive. They were all charging at least $300 more then what I paid for the EXACT SAME BED. Yesterday I called a store called Oopsie Daisy in South Jordan to see what they charged, it is a boutique type store, so I really didn't have my hopes up. MUCH to my surprise they carry the exact bed I am looking for AND they are the same price as what I originally paid.

I am so excited for them to FINALLY have matching beds!!! I was literally trying to scheme up a way to make a trip out to Kansas City to visit friends and buy a second bed. Now I would REALLY love to go visit all of my KC friends, but at least when I do I won't have to find a way to bring a whole bed back with me.

Can't WAIT to order the 2nd bed!!! This furniture line is extremely durable (but a little on the pricey side) and I have loved my younger daughters set. I plan on keeping this set for A VERY LONG TIME, I am hoping they can become heirloom pieces that even my grandchildren can sleep on someday!

Now if only their room could be this HUGE too ;)

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thepainterfamily said...

britt...you're pregnant!!


That is so wonderful.
We need to catch up.
I have similar news. :)
What is it with #4 being the worst sickness EVER? If it keeps getting harder I think I will call 4 good! :)