Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gonzaga... "You got Jimmered"

WaHOOO, BYU is on a winning streak and my hubby could not be happier! I usually dislike March Madness time, but I have to admit it is much more fun when your team is winning!!! I hope the streak continues so that I can keep my happy husband and because it would be AWESOME to see the Cougs go far this year! I am a little scared for if/when they loose, it will be a SAD day around our house. My hubby has done a very good job in turning all three of our kids into die hard BYU fans and they would be almost as disappointed as their daddy to see their team out of the tournament.

Keep up the good work BYU, the Jones family sure is routin' for ya!

Saw a great Jimmer Fredette sign on a car today, it said... "Fredette About It", I thought that was a funny one!

With this being my 1st BYU post I couldn't resist busting out a few great old pictures of my hubby! I sure like to give him a hard time about his BYU "cheering" days! Hehehe, he is so manly that sometimes I just giggle thinking about him being a cheerleader. To his defense though and he proudly admits it, he did it for the scholarship money and to hang out with all the CUTE GIRLS! What college age kid wouldn't want to spend time with all the cheerleaders and get to see all the games from the field or court?

(He's on the top row, 4th in from the right side)

(Bottom row, 3rd in from the right side)

I LOVE YOU BABE, you were one HOT Yell Leader!!!


L. Smith said...

Cade just found his new screen saver!

Court and Britt said...

L. SURE hope that Cade is feeling better! Sorry to hear about the surgery!!!