Friday, January 6, 2012

Church Ball

Last night the kids and I went to watch Court play on the ward basketball team. Court absolutly LOVES to play ball, so I am excited for him to get the chance to play on a team. We have some pretty good players, so it looks like it should be a,fun season (Court being one of the good players). The kids loved going to cheering him on. They especially loved playing on the stage with the other kids. It had been a bit chaotic yesterday after school so I didn't get dinner made before the game. The kids and I picked up a pizza and brought it to the game with us. Not the healthiest dinner but what can you do on crazy nights?!?! I did bring carrots and ranch for us to eat with our pizza :)

This morning after we got the girls out the door to school Court helped me tidy up the upstairs. Then my friend Rachael came over to help me clean. I love when she comes to help me!!! It is so amazing what you can accomplish with two people verses just one. She deep cleaned the whole upstairs while I cleaned and organized the basement. It is so nice having her help and very affordable :). I love having a clean house, but sometimes it is just impossible with four kids and Courts weird work schedule!

This morning I noticed this cute little note Court left for me on the kids white board. So sweet, it made my day!!! Dang, I love that man!!!

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