Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lofty goals...

This year I have set some challenging goals for myself. I know that accomplishing them isn't going to be easy, but they will be very worth the effort!!! So here they are....

*Attend temple minimum of 1x per month
*Pray morning, night, and throughout the day as needed/inspired
*Magnify my calling (I teach the 8 & 9 year old primary children at church) prepare Sunday school lesson several days in advance (Thursdays)
*Grow closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior through diligently keeping the commandments and being an instrument in the Lords hands
*Seek out opportunities to share the gospel and serve others

*Take time to connect with my husband everyday, pray together, spend alone time together (with no tv on)
* Read the book "The Love Dare" and complete the steps (without Court knowing)
*Have a date night every week, every other week put the kids to bed and have an "at home" date
*Regularly attend the Temple together

*Pray with my children morning and night
*Spend individual time with each of my children every day, even if it can only be a few minutes
*Read with my children every day, work with them to improve their reading
*Read The Book of Mormon as a Family
*Work on math flash cards, writing, and homework Monday-Friday
*Help encourage girls with their piano, have then practice Monday-Saturday
*Play with my children every day
*Work on controlling my temper and dicipline in a Christlike and loving way

*Establish and keep a regular work out schedule (min 4x per week)
*Loose 14 pounds, get back to weight before ALL of my babies :)
*Drink more water daily
*No soda or carbonation in 2012 (this is a bet Court and I have going with each other)
*Eat healthier foods (cut out preservatives as much as possible, eat organic, "Whole" foods)
*Train and compete in a Triathlon (unless my knee problems don't allow this)

*Read 1 book per month, rotate between a book for enjoyment, personal development, parenting/marriage, and a spiritual book (goal Court and I have for each other)
*Catch up on all baby books, blog books, and photo books, print 1 per month
*Blog everyday, even if it's just a sentence about the day
*Establish and keep a weekly cleaning schedule

*Court and I have decided that we are going to sit down together each Sunday to talk about our family, plan out our coming week, and re-evaluate our 2012 goals. It is so easy to set goals, work towards them for a short period of time, and then forget about the goals because our busy lives get in the way. We are hoping if we review our goals on a weekly basis and be honest with our selves and each other about how we are really doing that it will help us to achieve our goals as a team!

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