Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life is good!

My 4 year old sure cracks me up! He is quite the little character and has so much charisma for a little guy. Several of the little girls at preschool are in love with him and he knows it! The other day I was in the shower and I had him lay on my bed and watch a movie on my laptop while I was getting ready. When I got out of the shower I found him in NOTHING but plastic grocery bags (and his undies, at least he kept those on)! He had made them into a superman costume. He made holes in the smaller bag and put his legs through and then put the handles of a big bag around his arms as his cape. Pretty smart and funny if you ask me.

J-man is such a fun little boy and I love getting to spend my days with him. Several weeks ago we were down in the basement and I needed to go up stairs to grab something. J said to me, "don't worry mom, I'll protect the baby while your gone". He is such a sweet big brother. He adores his little sis and I really hope it always stays this way!!!

Yesterday my friend Kim came up with her little boys and we went to story time at the library and out to lunch at Chick-fila. It was fun to hang out and catch up. J-man loves playing with his best buddy Grady! Kim and I have been friends for almost ten years. We met in Detroit, Michigan when our hubby's were selling alarms for the same company. It's crazy to think that at the time neither of us had kids(we were both pregnant with our firsts) and now ten years later we each have four kids! She is a great friend and I am so glad we have stayed close over the years.

This morning the girls were ready to go a few minutes early so I sat in the front hallway with them and talked before they had to leave. I need to be better about talking with them. I feel like the house is pure craziness when they get home from school between homework, dinner, piano, baths, etc... I love these sweet girls so much and can't believe how fast they are growing up. This morning we talked about how school was going and about their friends. Lex told me that a girl in her class wont let her play with her, it about broke my heart. I told her to try again today and see how it goes. She did say though that there are lots of other girls she likes to play with. Mac told me that her and her friends are having a dance off at recess today, what funny, cute kids!! I need to organize my time better throughout the day so that things aren't so crazy when they get home. I NEED and WANT to spend more quality time with them, with each of my children!

Twice this week Court has made sure he sits down with J-man and works on letters, numbers, shapes, etc... DANG it is sexy when a man is a good father. He does thousands of other things that make him a good father, but it was just so sweet to see him take the time out of his day to do this with him. He is also GREAT at helping the girls with their homework. He works kind of weird hours sometimes, which at times makes life really interesting, but I am grateful he MAKES the time to do things with his children and help out around the house. The other night he pulled out the Ensign and read the article
"What Happily Married Couples Do"
(click to read) by Douglas Brinley. It was a great article and gave us lots of great ideas on how we can strengthen our marriage. I love Court with all my heart and despite our challenges, I am so grateful we have a FANTASTIC marriage, he is my best friend, love of my life, confidant, and comedian (he is always finding ways to make me laugh). I am so blessed to be married to him!

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