Friday, January 27, 2012

Your SO Vain...

Yesterday we were at Target (bad, bad idea with 4 kids alone when it is almost dinner time). As we were walking through the store Mac turns to me and says, "mom I am SO vain!" I of course responded with, "you are not vain sweetheart, do you understand what that means?" She then proceeded to tell me that her teacher was reading them a book that day that had the word vain in it and that her teacher told them that an example of someone who is vain is a person who likes to look at them self in the mirror all the time. After her explination Mac says to me, "see mom, I am SOOOO vain, I LOVE to look at myself in the mirror all of the time!!!" Well I sure got a KICK out of this. Mac does quite enjoy talking to herself in the mirror :). What a funny girl. She is beautiful, sweet, and innocent and really doesn't understand vanity at all, and I like it that way!

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