Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I really need to get some motivation to loose these last few pounds of baby weight!! I can't stand that most of my pants are tight or don't fit at all. Right after I had little E. the pounds were just falling off, it was awesome, then after about 2 months I just stopped loosing weight all together. I have lost a few pounds since but it doesn't seem to want to stay off, my weight keeps going up or down 5ish pounds. I really need to pick a work out schedule and STICK TO IT! It's hard with a newborn baby, she gets a runny nose or cough every time I take her to the childcare at the gym. I need to stop making excuses and just make sure it happens. Even if it means waking up at the CRACK OF DAWN (boo) to workout!!!

We are going to Lake Powell this summer with my family and some friends. BOY are we excited!!! Court and I have never been together and our kids have never been either. I LOVE LAKE POWELL. It is my all time favorite vacation spot. I am going to use our trip to Lake Powell as my motivation for getting in shape. I want to look GOOD in my swim suite ;), not for the benefit of anyone else, but so that I FEEL good about myself.

I saw these weight loss jars on pinterest the other day and thought it was such a good idea. I am a VERY visual person, and I know looking at these jars everyday will definitely motivate me to want to shed these extra pounds I am carrying around! I need to loose 6 more pounds to get to my weight before I got pregnant with baby E, but then I would REALLY like to loose 8-10 more after that and get back to my weight before I had any kids!!!

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thepainterfamily said...

good idea! I like the visual too!